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Getting started

Some web browsers, such as Firefox v2.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, have an RSS feed reader built within them. If your browser doesn't have this functionality, you will need to download a feed reader (also known as an RSS aggregator).

There are many RSS feed readers available and some are available as a free download. You will find a list of RSS feed readers at RSS Info or DMOZ Open Directory Project. Choose one that suits your computer system and has the features you think you will require.

Once you have installed your RSS reader, you can configure it to tell you when new updates appear and update you at regular intervals (for example, hourly or daily). Most RSS readers will come with pre-installed feeds which you might choose to remove when you are installing the program or at a later date. You can delete and add feeds at any time.

Most RSS readers have an 'Add new feed' function. To add an RSS feed, you need to paste the URL of the feed into your feed reader.

RSS feeds for the ato.gov.au web site are also available

RSS Feed for ATO - All Rulings and Determinations ATO - All Rulings and Determinations

RSS Feed for ATO - Taxation Rulings and Determinations ATO - Taxation Rulings and Determinations
Includes tax, captial gains cell, miscellaneous and luxury car tax

RSS Feed for ATO - GST Rulings and Determinations ATO - GST Rulings and Determinations
Includes GST and sales tax

RSS Feed for ATO - Superannuation Rulings and Determinations ATO - Superannuation Rulings and Determinations
Includes superannuation, superannuation contribution and superannuation guarantee

RSS Feed for ATO - Excise Rulings and Determinations ATO - Excise Rulings and Determinations
Includes excise, fuel tax and product grants & benefits

RSS Feed for ATO - Class and Product Rulings ATO - Class and Product Rulings

RSS Feed for ATO - Interpretative Decisions ATO - Interpretative Decisions

RSS Feed for ATO - Decision Impact Statements ATO - Decision Impact Statements

RSS Feed for ATO - Taxpayer Alerts ATO - Taxpayer Alerts

RSS Feed for ATO - Law Administration Practice Statements ATO - Law Administration Practice Statements

RSS Feed for ATO - Policy Papers ATO - Policy Papers

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