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Fuel Tax Act 2006

Chapter 1-Introduction  

Part 1-2-Using this Act  

Division 2-Overview and purpose of the fuel tax law  

Subdivision 2-A-Overview and purpose of the fuel tax law  


2-1  Overview and purpose of the fuel tax law  

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This Act provides a single system of fuel tax credits. Fuel tax credits are paid to reduce the incidence of fuel tax levied on taxable fuels, ensuring that, generally, fuel tax is effectively only applied to:

(a) fuel used in private vehicles and for certain other private purposes; and
(b) fuel used on-road in light vehicles for business purposes.

For fuel that is not *covered by the Opt-in Scheme, the fuel tax credit entitlement is (with some exceptions) reduced by an amount equivalent to what the carbon price on the fuel emissions would be (if those emissions were subject to a carbon price). For fuel that is covered by that Scheme, the entitlement is not so reduced.

Fuel tax credits are also provided for fuel for use in aircraft if the fuel is covered by the Opt-in Scheme. The amount of the credit is limited to the carbon component rate that was factored into the rate of fuel tax.

Fuel tax credits are also provided for gaseous fuel that is subject to the carbon pricing mechanism if the fuel is for use in agriculture, fishing operations or forestry. The amount of the credit is the amount of the carbon charge that is embedded in the price of the fuel.

Liability for fuel tax currently arises under the Excise Act 1901, the Excise Tariff Act 1921, the Customs Act 1901 and the Customs Tariff Act 1995.

The administrative aspects of this Act (such as your rights, obligations and payment arrangements) are aligned as closely as possible to the administrative aspects of other indirect taxes (primarily, the GST), and other taxes administered by the Commissioner, to reduce your compliance costs.


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