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PART 1.5 - SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE    View history reference

11  Disagreements within the company  

11.1  Special problems faced by minority shareholders.  

There are remedies available to a shareholder of a company if:

· the affairs of the company are being conducted in a way that is unfair to that shareholder or to other shareholders of the company; or

· the affairs of the company are being conducted in a way that is against the interests of the company as a whole.

A Court may, for example, order the winding up of a company or the appointment of a receiver.

[ sections 232 - 235 , 461 ]

11.2  Buy-back of shares.  

A company may buy back the shares of a shareholder who wants to sever their relationship with the company.

[ sections 257A - 257J ]

11.3  Selling shares.  

A shareholder in a company who wants to sever their relationship with the company may decide to sell their shares. However, the shareholder may not be able to sell their shares readily - particularly if they want to sell their shares to someone who is not an existing shareholder. Some of the difficulties they may face in that case are:

· under the replaceable rules the directors have a discretion to refuse to transfer the shares; and

· restrictions in the company's constitution (if any) on transferring shares.

[ sections 707 , 1041H , 1091D - 1091E]

[ CCH Note: The references to sections " 1091D - 1091E " are legislative oversights. The references should be to sections " 1072F " and " 1072G " .]


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