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6 August 2018


ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2001/23 (Withdrawn) Income: Isolated Transactions 6 August 2018
ATO ID 2004/559 (Withdrawn) Capital Allowances: cost of depreciating asset obtained through salary sacrifice 6 August 2018
ATO ID 2004/689 (Withdrawn) Capital Allowances: primary production - water facilities 6 August 2018
ATO ID 2004/938 (Withdrawn) Capital Allowances: hold - leased depreciating assets - attached to land 6 August 2018
ATO ID 2011/67 (Withdrawn) Application of section 275-105 of the ITAA 1997: where a managed investment trust is a partner in a venture capital limited partnership 6 August 2018
ATO ID 2012/71 (Withdrawn) Managed Investment Trust Withholding Tax: foreign superannuation fund that holds an indirect interest in a Managed investment trust ("MIT") 6 August 2018
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