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9 May 2018



Final rulings

Class rulings
CR 2018/19 Income tax: deductibility of donations to MDA Limited under a Donation Deed 9 May 2018

Draft rulings

Law companion rulings
LCR 2018/D3 Consolidation: churning of joining entities by foreign-owned groups 9 May 2018


Goods and services tax
GSTD 2011/1A1 - Addendum Goods and services tax: is an ex gratia payment by an insurer in response to a claim under an insurance policy a payment made 'in settlement of a claim'? 9 May 2018
GSTD 2012/5A1 - Addendum Goods and services tax: are acquisitions related to an entity's retail foreign currency exchange transactions with customers in Australia made solely for a creditable purpose under section 11-15 of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (GST Act)? 9 May 2018
GSTR 2000/25A3 - Addendum Goods and services tax: GST-free supplies of water, sewerage and sewerage-like services, storm water draining services and emptying of a septic tank 9 May 2018
GSTR 2003/13A6 - Addendum Goods and services tax: general law partnerships 9 May 2018
GSTR 2006/10A4 - Addendum Goods and services tax: insurance settlements and entitlement to input tax credits 9 May 2018
GSTR 2014/1A2 - Addendum Goods and services tax: motor vehicle incentive payments 9 May 2018
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