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6 April 2018


ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2002/347 (Withdrawn) Income tax: embezzlement/fraud/defalcation by partner 6 April 2018
ATO ID 2002/400 (Withdrawn) Deduction - Business takings misappropriated by spouse 6 April 2018
ATO ID 2003/1029 (Withdrawn) Deduction : losses from misappropriation of money by an investment broker 6 April 2018

Legislative determinations

ETP 2018/1 Income Tax Employment Termination Payments (12 month rule) Determination 2018 Registered 28 March 2018
SPR 2018/1 Taxation Administration Member Account Attribute Service - the Reporting of Information relating to Superannuation Account Phases and Attributes 2018 Registered 5 April 2018
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