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7 March 2018



Final rulings

Taxation rulings
TR 2018/3 Income tax: tax treatment of long term construction contracts 7 March 2018
Class rulings
CR 2018/11 Income tax: 'Cunningham Lindsey Australia Early Retirement Scheme 2018' 7 March 2018
Law companion rulings
LCR 2018/1 GST on low value imported goods 7 March 2018
LCR 2018/2 GST on supplies made through electronic distribution platforms 7 March 2018
LCR 2018/3 When is a redeliverer responsible for GST on a supply of low value imported goods? 7 March 2018


Taxation rulings
TR 2002/14A3 - Addendum Income tax: taxation of retirement village operators 7 March 2018
Class rulings
CR 2012/22W Income tax: demerger of Lyell Resources Limited by Bondi Mining Limited 7 March 2018
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