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17 November 2017


ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2002/1090 (Withdrawn) Assessable income: Grant to undertake a feasibility study 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2003/1087 (Withdrawn) Deductibility of fine imposed by employer 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2004/149 (Withdrawn) Assessable income: receipt of government grant by a school bus operator 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2004/317 (Withdrawn) Capital Allowances: involuntary disposal - two or more replacement assets 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2004/724 (Withdrawn) Capital allowances: balancing adjustment event - sale of business - pooled plant 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2006/122 (Withdrawn) Assessable income: derivation of Commonwealth funding - Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2006/239 (Withdrawn) Deduction: payments to spouse by an employee who receives performance bonuses 17 November 2017
ATO ID 2011/69 (Withdrawn) Assessability of temporary living expenses grant 17 November 2017
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