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27 October 2017



Taxation determinations
TD 2017/19A1 - Addendum Income tax: what are the reasonable travel and overtime meal allowance expense amounts for the 2017-18 income year? 27 October 2017

ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2001/221 (Withdrawn) Deductions - tax shortfall penalty 27 October 2017
ATO ID 2002/608 (Withdrawn) Deductions & Expenses - overseas sportsperson 27 October 2017
ATO ID 2002/935 (Withdrawn) Deductibility of a retainer paid to a legal firm 27 October 2017
ATO ID 2002/943 (Withdrawn) Union Election Expenses 27 October 2017
ATO ID 2003/616 (Withdrawn) Deductibility of damages/compensation payment made to third party for damage caused to motor vehicle in the course of employment 27 October 2017
ATO ID 2009/27 (Withdrawn) ADI Guarantee Fee Deduction 27 October 2017
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