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27 September 2017



Final rulings

Class rulings
CR 2017/66 Income tax: the 'National Roads and Motorists Association Limited Early Retirement Scheme 2017' 27 September 2017
CR 2017/67 Income tax: SMS Management & Technology Limited - Scheme of Arrangement and Special Dividend 27 September 2017
CR 2017/69 Income tax: 'Canon Information Systems Research Australia Pty. Ltd. Retirement Scheme 2017' 27 September 2017
Product rulings
PR 2017/13 Income tax: tax consequences for a borrower being charged a discounted home loan interest rate calculated under the Pivot Portfolio Loan Facility 27 September 2017

Technical discussion papers

TDP 2017/2 Fringe Benefits Tax - Definition of Taxi 27 September 2017
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