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1 September 2017


ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2002/48 (Withdrawn) Medicare levy surcharge - eligibility for family surcharge threshold where taxpayer pays child support for children who are not residing with the taxpayer 1 September 2017
ATO ID 2002/49 (Withdrawn) Medicare Levy Surcharge - general health insurance cover taken whilst overseas 1 September 2017
ATO ID 2002/647 (Withdrawn) Assessability of a payment of unused 'special leave' received upon retirement 1 September 2017
ATO ID 2003/721 (Withdrawn) Income tax exemption: community service purposes - Industry Ombudsman 1 September 2017
ATO ID 2005/367 (Withdrawn) Capital Gains Tax: not in common ownership - plan of consolidation 1 September 2017
ATO ID 2010/122 (Withdrawn) Medicare levy surcharge: private patient hospital cover requiring both an excess and co-payment under the policy 1 September 2017
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