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28 July 2017


ATO interpretative decisions

Withdrawn interpretative decisions
ATO ID 2001/258 (Withdrawn) Senior Australians Tax Offset - female taxpayer less than age pension age 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2002/255 (Withdrawn) Deductibility of premium paid to acquire government bonds (traditional securities) 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2002/427 (Withdrawn) Rental expenses for house-parent at boarding school 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2002/757 (Withdrawn) Deductibility of General Interest Charge imposed on Running Balance Account debt - when incurred or when paid 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2002/848 (Withdrawn) Employee Share Plan - Payments made by a Company to a Plan company 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2003/483 (Withdrawn) Deduction for a loss of accumulated undrawn partnership profits 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2003/837 (Withdrawn) Division 7A: 'Maximum term' of loan where private company takes security over a previously unsecured loan 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2004/294 (Withdrawn) 'Otherwise deductible' rule: application to HECS fees reimbursed by the employer 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2004/426 (Withdrawn) Assessable income: derivation of membership fees for website access 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2004/662 (Withdrawn) Assessable income: disability benefits paid under a mortgage protection policy 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2004/836 (Withdrawn) Income Tax: Liability to pay a PAYG instalment 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2005/274 (Withdrawn) Mature Age Worker Tax Offset - Definition of net income from working 28 July 2017
ATO ID 2014/41 (Withdrawn) Application of above-average special professional income provisions to individuals who earn income from uploading videos on YouTube 28 July 2017


[2017] FCA 694 Sunraysia Harvesting Contractors Pty Ltd (Trustee) v. Commissioner of Taxation 20 June 2017
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