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22 March 2017



Taxation Determinations
TD 93/146A2 - Addendum Income tax: should a resident deduct withholding tax from interest payable under a loan from a non-resident if there is no actual payment of the interest? 22 March 2017
TR 92/4A1 - Addendum Income tax: whether losses on isolated transactions are deductible 22 March 2017
TR 2003/13A1 - Addendum Income tax: eligible termination payments (ETP): payments made in consequence of the termination of any employment: meaning of the phrase 'in consequence of' 22 March 2017
TR 2004/4A1 - Addendum Income tax: deductions for interest incurred prior to the commencement of, or following the cessation of, relevant income earning activities 22 March 2017
TR 2005/12A1 - Addendum Income tax: deductibility of interest expenses incurred by trustees on funds borrowed in connection with the payment of distributions to beneficiaries 22 March 2017
TR 2005/16A1 - Addendum Income tax: Pay As You Go - withholding from payments to employees 22 March 2017
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