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This facility provides a quick way of viewing a Ruling or other document when you know its reference number.
Use the search functions to find documents containing particular words, phrases etc.
Select a document type from the list, then enter the reference number of the required document.


Examples: Public Rulings, Determinations and Bulletins - TR 2003/1, GSTR 2002/2, TR97/1
  Law Administration Practice Statements - 2004/1, 1999/3, PS LA 2004/1
  Law Administration Practice Statements (GA) - 2004/1, PS LA 2004/1 (GA)
Note: Use 4 digit years for all 1999 and subsequent Rulings, Determinations and Bulletins, and for 1998 and subsequent Product Rulings. Use only the last 2 digits of the year for all others.
  Enter the start of a reference number followed by ? to get a list of documents for a specific year. e.g. TR 2001? will list all Taxation Rulings for 2001.
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